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Mama Resolution: A Big Check for Now

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Mama Resolution: A Big Check for Now

Do you make ‘To-Do’ lists?  I am a checker-off-er type of person. And I don’t mean digitally.  I like the old-fashioned ‘To-Do’ list.  You know, the kind where you write on paper and put a determined slash or check by each quest you knock out.  Completing an entire ’To-Do’ list is akin to completing my dreaded thirty minutes of exercise.  But, try as I may to stay on top of my ‘To-Do’ list, some days I don’t get to put out as many fires  as I’d like and I find myself in the middle of a unfinished a blaze of things to do…or so it seems.  There are times that my lists get longer and longer. Times when I have a ‘To-Do’ list in hand and find another halfway completed, abandoned one as I am digging through my purse.    
I know that part of my problem is having unrealistic ’To-Do’ lists that are about as possible to complete as my ability to transform into superwoman.  I have also realized that thinking about what I have to do next keeps me from thinking about what I am doing now. Meaning most importantly I am missing all the good stuff! By always worrying about what’s next, I realize that:
  • I am missing that fact that the kids will not always be this age.
  • I am working up my blood pressure trying to rationalize with the same little people who squabble about who got in the tub last.
  • I am rushing off hugs and kisses and quiet moments for heads to spontaneously come and rest on my shoulder.
I am not completely ready to stop my ‘To-Do’ lists making, despite sometimes coming up short.  As a result I am sure there will be days where I will get aggravated with not being able to complete my irrational list and with the people in my house who packed it up. But, I am determined to lessen my worries over what I need to do later. Perhaps this would be easier if I could find a way to put a big check on remaining in the now.   

How are you doing at appreciating the now…with kids around?

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