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Mama’s are more Stressed at Home than Work…Go Figure

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Mama’s are more Stressed at Home than Work…Go Figure


What’s easier to you, your job or working at home? I don’t mean working from home, but all the many things that you have to do for the family once you get off of work.  The answer is way easy for me, work is way less stressful than working at home.  At least when I am at work I get a chance to laugh and talk with adults.  Most importantly, at work I get an hour break.  Even if I don’t take a break – it’s there with the right that no one should ‘bother’ me until my 60 minutes is up.  At home there is no 60 minute break time.  I wish.
Recently a report came out that moms are more stressed at home than they are at work.  While the report found that both men and women are happier at work, women, report being happier. Go figure. 
In my opinion a 9-5 is less stressful than being at home because a job can offer immediate gratification for a job well done.  Immediate gratification from raising kids on the other hand is not as swift.   At work there is a clear objective for you to follow.  In about six months to a year you and your supervisor can tell whether or not you are reaching your assigned goals.  You may even be fortunate enough to get an ‘I appreciate all you do’ in the form of a raise or perhaps some perks for all of your hard work.  But children?  Completely a horse of a different color.  The return on investment or a ‘Job well done’ is not seen until they are eighteen and sometimes older, which to me means the stakes are nose-bleed high. In my mind if we don’t get raising the kiddo’s right, they come back and live with us - for forever.  If I don’t perform well at a job, I can lose it, but start over and find another.  There are no do-overs with kids that I know of.
The source of my stress at home stems from trying to raise little human beings into big ones with a balanced mind, body and soul.  As soon as you’re a mama its a constant flood of worrying about such things as:
  • Breast feed or formula
  • Vaccinations or root of garlic around their neck
  • How to get two heads washed and braided AND complete household chores in 48 hours (aka a weekend)
  • Getting the daily recommended amount of vitamins and books read
  • Getting brown skin children to like their brown skin
I mean the list goes on and on and on… I get stressed just thinking about all the decisions and dates I have to keep straight in my head.  Thank God I can go to work tomorrow to take my mind off of any child raising stress and get a 60 minute break - to relax.    


What stresses you out the most at home?

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