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My Children Have Taught Me A lot about Pre-Mom Me

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My Children Have Taught Me A lot about Pre-Mom Me


Thirteen years ago I had plentiful me days and pretty much thought I knew everything – what twenty-something year old doesn't?  The pre-mom me would spend the day out with friends or catching up on some sleep.  I did not have to choose whether I wanted to spend free time watching television or reading a book, I could have both activities easily completed in one day.  
In the first few weeks of motherhood it didn't take long to realize that me time would be a faint memory and that in my pre-mom era I took way too many things for granted.  Pre-mom me has learned a lot since becoming the mom-me.  The most important lessons for me have been in appreciation:


What I learned to Appreciate

I learned to Appreciate this When…



 Waiting for determined little fingers to tie shoes strings in a sweltering 104 degree parking lot, with an air conditioned Walmart 20 steps away.
Seeing ‘old’ things new, and getting excited by them again
Scene: Backing out of driveway.
Youngest: Ooo, look mommy!  [pointing to shrubbery at the front of the house]. Those flowers are budding out of the ground.  Soon they will bloom!”
Me:…and have pretty colors…
Youngest: …that’s what my teacher told us in school!
Time management
After a few weekends of cleaning the house, washing, folding and ironing clothes, grocery shopping, managing to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner and washing and braiding two heads I realize that I have plenty of time to work on ________(fill in goal here) while the kiddos are asleep/sleeping away.
Time to do ‘Nothing’
The first full hour has passed after the last child has gone to sleep.
Peace and Quiet
All three children spend the night at granny and granddads house.
Family ‘Noise’
All three children spend the night at granny and granddads house.
My Parents Self-sacrifice
The need to cover growing toes and limbs motivated taking on jobs pre-mom me would’ve passed on – without a second thought.
Over time my three have taught me so much about myself as being a definite work in progress. Truthfully, although I may sometimes miss the pre-mom time, I do not miss the pre-mom me.


What have your children taught you about yourself over the years?

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