Staying with the Grandmas Summer Vacation for Mama

Staying with the Grandmas = Summer Vacation for Mama

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Staying with the Grandmas = Summer Vacation for Mama


Has the summer eased your schedule any? Since the school year requires a day to day schedule enforced grind, the summer provides a nice break. From school that is.  All other child related duties become magnified – ‘turned up’ if you will.  By dinner I can find myself counting the minutes to bedtime. 
All three of the kiddos in the same house all-day-long makes for a day of constant refereeing and food preparation for me.  The kiddos do have camps to go to, just not every week and not all day. Currently I am working from home and with the kiddos around the house all day it’s enough to make me actually consider how long I can stand working with my laptop out on the porch - in 90+ humid, degree ridden heat. 
Our children don’t spend the night away often and if they do it is with a grandparent. I love my three, Gawd knows that I do.   But there is nothing like answering the phone to hear a grandma say: I’d like to pick them up to spend the night with me for a day…or two!’
May God bless your soul, is what I want to say.  I try to remain calm and refrain from hanging up and yelling out ‘Grandma’s on the way!’ while I run down the hall to pack overnight bags. When someone is willing to take on a raging hormonal, know-it-all 13 year old girl, a boisterous seven year old boy who constantly fights/plays/annoys the blooming six year old and/or the thirteen year old in combination – I feel indebted – like I may owe you a kidney in the future kind of indebtedness.    
All I can say is thank God for grandparents this summer.  If you don’t have any nearby I hope that you get you some - one day, in some shape or form.  You can’t beat a grandparent’s sleepover invitation.  It’s like having bedtime all day long.


Has the summer eased your schedule any?

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