why do mamas mothers fuss so much

Why Do Mama’s Fuss So Much?

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Why Do Mama’s Fuss So Much?



Are you a fusser? I am. It comes quite natural.  My mama is one, her mama too.  I didn't understand it growing up.  When my mama fussed it seemed as if she was just complaining.  But three kids later I get it.  My mama wasn't fussing; in a tone saturated with aggravation she was just reminding us to use common sense.  Part of my fussing comes from the audacity to take for granted the amount of time and energy it takes to run Brown Control Tower.  The things I do daily to keep this ship running takes place mostly behind the scenes.  While they may think that clothes magically go from the floor to the laundry bag to their drawers smelling fresh, I know good and well that they do not! 
I too am at the point where I believe that fussing is the only antidote for having to repeat things I have had to tell my three time and time again, yet they still for some reason have not compiled.
This is when I commence to my daily fussing which usually takes on one of the following forms:


Cause of Fussing…

What’s the Fuss All About?

Tracking dirty shoes through my house… OR on my freshly swept floor
I am the one that will have to sweep up the dirt. And/or I just swept the dirt.
Messing up clothes in the drawers when looking for something to wear.
When I have only three minutes to departure time – and I really need ten - I don’t have time to be looking for pants that are not where I put them.
Rolling around in ironed clothes.
Someone outside of the house, preferably a grandma or other mothers, needs to see that I took time into putting outfits together before they look like they came straight out of the dryer (God forbid).
Found day old clothes, shed for new ones, on the floor.
Clothes don’t walk and you’re old enough to pick them up, so PICK THEM UP!
Not wanting to do homework or extra practice school work.
You have to do an hour or so of work to make you better and you want to complain that there is a delay in you watching TV or playing on your Kindle for the next possibly two hours – puh-leaz!
Smacking on your food at the table.
You never know when you could be asked to dinner with the President of the United States and it won’t be said that my child grew up with no home training.
Wanting a mature, responsible adult who cares for themselves and others.
I love my three little people and I want them to be happy, successful adults able to have good relationships at work and in their own home one day!



Do you too find yourself fussing?


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