Having Fun with the Kiddos (Even if it Hurts)

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Having Fun with the Kiddos (Even if it Hurts)

Sometimes I can get wrapped up in meeting the details required to get us from the beginning to the end of the day.  Up at dawn before anyone else. Taking the kiddos to school to getting to work to dinner on the table and before you know it I’m hitting repeat on my day.  Thankfully, I have my family to de-stress me with laughter.
It happened last week.    We were at the soccer field complex watching our youngest play.  Our son sat sulking over his team’s loss thirty minutes prior.  While our youngest sat sidelined I decided that perhaps I could cheer up our son with a race.  
My son easily took me up on the challenge.  We do this all the time in our front yard.  So I thought no problem.  Boy, was I some kinda wrong.  I hurt my foot; actually it was the ball of my right foot.  In addition I ended up on the ground and scraping my side. 
We both agreed on the starting and stopping point.  We got on our marks, and took off.  Cheering us on was the hubby, our oldest and my in-laws.  At first I was making good time. And it wasn't until I turned to go back to where we started that my right foot locked up on me, which caused a chain reaction to my knee and the next thing I knew my right foot refused to move anymore and seemingly in- sl-ow- mo -tion -I -  was – on- the - ground.
‘Are you alright mama?’ I looked up to see my son standing over me asking.
I couldn't help but laugh.  I couldn't help but think that I am not in my twenties any more.  I couldn't also help but notice that my son was now laughing (as well as others) and he was no longer concerned about his lost game.  Hurt foot and all I couldn't help but think mission accomplished for me and him both.

What kind of good time have you recently had with the kiddos?

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