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Mama Down, Mama Down

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Mama Down, Mama Down

Are you dodging the flu with extra squirts of hand sanitizer? While you go at super speed from home to work to home are you hoping that upping the doses of veggies and vitamin C will prevent the hebejebees from entering your house, or worse yet you? That’s been my strategy.  And after a weekend bout with a ‘touch of the flu’ I have come to realize I need more than veggies and hand sanitizer. 
Two weeks ago I got into an awful rhythm of failing to get the adult recommended 7-8 hours of sleep.  It always starts with me saying I’ll only stay up late tonight to:
  • Get some me time after the kids go to bed (code for watching RHOA, Teen Mom or some HBO Documentary) .
  • To finish some work.
  • To read a book.
Before I know it I’ve accumulated too many of these nights in a row and I am hours behind in sleep.  My lack of sleep made it easy for something like the flu’s cousin to catch up with me.  When it did I was down.  I mean down, down.  The weekend for some might be a time to relax.  For me it’s catch up time. Time to regroup by stocking back up on food, clean clothes and maybe sit down for a second or two if I am lucky. Well, all of that got thrown off.  When I went down so did any effort to clean, wash clothes, cook, enforce music practice or read books with the children.
After two days in bed I started to get mad at myself for getting sick.  On the third day in bed I decided my anger would be better used at the four people walking around the house not cleaning or cooking and the two in particular ignoring instruments that needed to be practiced and books waiting to be read.  On the fourth day, in a fog of Mucinex and Delsym, I heard the hubby take the kids outside to play and my anger begin to subside.  Not because of the quiet break, but because I remembered what it was like when I had the flu years ago as a single mama.  In a house with just me and my oldest, I had to drag myself to give her medicine, change her sheets, wash pajamas, feed her and God help me when she recovered before I did. 
My mind now semi-clear of cold and flu medicine, I have come to realize three things:
First, instead of always doing the caring, it sure is good be cared for.  Although the hubby and the three kids may not have cleaned the house this weekend as I would have liked, on day one they braved my germy room and spent half the day with me watching movies.  And on day two they brought me dinner on a tray and the oldest made some effort to fold clothes. 
Second, defending against the hebejebees will require asking for help more.  I am not a single mama anymore. I couldn’t do it all then and surely not now.
Third, I need to be super grateful for health!  Health is definitely wealth, and this sister has got to shoot for 7 hours of sleep if she can’t get 8.

How are you fending off the hebejebees in your home?

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