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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Are you planning on making a New Year’s Resolution? According to Statistic Brain 45% of Americans will make one for 2014.  I don’t usually, but this year I will.  Really I am making good on a goal I set for myself months ago to be healthier.  The plan to reach my goal includes three phases.
Phase 1: Drink eight glasses of water a day [check!]
Phase 2: Cut down coffee and fried food intake
Phase 3: Walk for thirty minutes at least three times a week
Brimming with confidence and inspiration one evening I made the mistake of announcing my goal to the family.  Now whenever I sip on a fresh steaming cup of coffee or stand at the refrigerator waiting for my glass to fill up with water, my husband, and sometimes my son, seem to pop up out of nowhere and ask me when I intend to move on to the next two ‘Phases’.
“Soon.” I respond.
So I am making use of New Years to make good on my word. While I am admittedly not ready to conquer ‘Phase 2’ in 2014, ‘Phase’ 3 seems way more doable. Growing up I saw my mama go to work, cook dinner five days a week and manage to power walk around the neighborhood at least three of those days.  On rare occasions she would let my sister and I tag along, literally. My legs tried in vain to keep up with hers while she yelled from in front:
“You wanted to come, you better keep up!?
Now, working and having my own children I don’t know how my mama did it. Motivated by the ‘S’ on her chest perhaps?  I’ve looked several times and I see no ‘S’ on my chest.  Plus, the last time I put on workout clothes the kids were at summer camp.  So instead of using my own health as motivation to start exercising, I am using my children.  I want to ensure my own children grow up seeing exercising habits - regularly.  Furthermore, my husband and I know that  students with higher grades are significantly less likely to have:
•Been physically active at least 60 minutes per day on fewer than 5 days
•Watched television 3 or more hours per day (on an average school day).
•Used computers 3 or more hours per day
•Drank a can, bottle, or glass of soda (not including diet soda or diet pop).
Motivated to influence the mind and body of our children I am moving to ‘Phase 2’. I get the funny feeling however, that ‘Phase’ 2 will be much like committing to a nightly bedtime story - sometimes reluctant to start and wondering how I’ll get it done.  Looking at my mama’s exercise track record, somehow I am sure it will involve, ‘somehow’ and ‘someway’.  Maybe that’s how I’ll finally earn an ‘S’ on my chest.

Are you making a New Year’s resolution?

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