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Who Knew? Making Holiday Memories Requires Work

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Who Knew? Making Holiday Memories Requires Work


Is it hard to enjoy the family during a holiday?  I do so love Holidays as they are tinged with the expectation of making memories.  But making memories, especially during a Holiday, requires work.  You have got to maintain a normal household schedule of cleaning and laundry in addition to cooking for the entire family or if you’re lucky you get to collaborate with the committee of women in the family on who’s going to cook and bring what.  Easter definitely ranks up there as a Holiday that requires work because for me it means
  • making sure our son has a haircut
  • making appointments either at the beautician or scheduling time for me to do the girls hair  
  • ensuring all necessary components of Easter outfits (including shoes that fit, matching bows, stockings, purses etc.)  are laid out and ready (as nobody wants to be scrambling for seats in the overflow room at church on Easter Sunday)
  • And most importantly (according to my children) attending an Easter egg hunt.
I was in the midst of flat ironing and hot combing the head of my two girls, standing amid the smoky lemon scent of burning hair and grease, when the hubby kept walking past my makeshift beauty salon, aka our bathroom, to remind me that we were late to the annual family Easter egg hunt.   Overwhelming anxiety began to set in real heavy on me.  His reminders that we were running late only served to increase my concern that not only would I not finish my girl’s hair on time, but that I also had household chores to do and an unbaked pound cake hanging over my head that I had already negotiated with the committee of women in my family.
We did get to church with Easter outfits and hair done.  But the cake never did get made.  Apart of me felt like I had failed to live up to passing on my mama’s Easter traditions.  I’d never known her to not have her household chores done nor not make good on bringing a side dish to a ‘major’ family Holiday event.  I am sure she had Easters/Holidays where some things may not have been in order.  But I don’t remember that.  It took me a while, but after dinner sitting around talking to my parents with my husband, sister and kids I also began to remember other things about past Easter Holidays.  I remembered:
  • the Easter baskets we would get.  
  • having fun with my cousins trying to find real Easter eggs. 
  • putting on my new Easter dress
  • sitting in Mrs. Smith’s hairdresser chair as my mama requested Shirley Temple curls.
  • getting to let my hair hang down because it was a special occasion.
  • the ham and macaroni we enjoyed at my grandma’s house after church service. 
Holidays I suppose aren’t about what I am able to get right, rather it is really about what the children remember.  Years from now they won’t remember the missing pound cake from Easter dinner.  Hopefully, instead when they look at the Easter pictures they took outside of church they’ll remember how they felt about their family on that day.   After all the hard work getting hair done and clothes right, that’s the most important thing. Even still, memories aside, a small part of me feels I’m in debt to the family for a pound cake.


What Easter memories did you and the family build this year?



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