Never Too Early to Start…

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Never Too Early to Start…


As much as I dread it, the time is fast approaching. My oldest baby will soon graduate high school and go to college. While I do technically have five and a half years left, think about it: 12 years have already flown by!

On one hand I am saddened. No longer is she the little baby, weighing 6 lbs 9oz. Nor is she the little girl who would pull her chair up to the counter while I cooked and ask a thousand questions. But, now she is a blossoming young lady. Soon she’ll have boyfriends, after school jobs, clubs, and friends she’ll constantly giggle with on the phone. Her next step, as far as I’m concerned, will be to leave this house to go to college.  So, my recent flare ups of sporadic anxiety over how and when I will start to prepare her are valid.

I came across a report recently on Yale’s Fall 2010 -2011 incoming freshmen class (don’t ask how). This report really got me to thinking. Of course Yale placed a strong emphasis on academic requirements.  I scrolled on through the requirements of having a basketful of honors and AP classes, class rank, academic GPA, standardized test scores, application essay and recommendations, which were marked as being ‘Very Important.  But I pumped the brakes when I saw that nonacademic factors were also ranked as ‘Very Important’. Such nonacademic factors included, extracurricular activities, talent/ability and character/personal qualities. Now I’m no stranger to the importance of listing extracurricular activities on a college application. But for my children…my babies.. what does this mean for them?

I am finding resolve in the fact that I have a while with the younger two. Plus from a half glass full vantage point I still have 5 years with my 12 year old. Even still with my oldest baby I know that while I am finished with changing diapers, and picking out her clothes for her, I am still not done with guiding her choices.  So I am embracing the blossoming young lady and trying to release my grasp on the dread I feel. At the same time I am still starting like… a serious hunt for internships and scholarships.  Early perhaps or maybe even yes, but I want her to be prepared. Just maybe by then I will be prepared too. Until then she still needs me, and I like that.

Do You Plan to Send Your Child to Camp or an Internship this summer? Why and Where?

Planning on Applying for Internships? Keep these tips in Mind:

  • Look for programs in a variety of areas: Dance, Science, Technology, Art, Math, Medicine you name it, it’s out there!
  • Start thinking about teachers and others in your community/church your child can ask for a letter of recommendation. Word to the wise: be mindful of folks’ time and of those who are timely
  • Make sure pictures not ‘becoming’ of a future scholar are removed from Facebook or Twitter and any other social media outlet BEFORE you send off applications or ask for a letter of recommendation.
  • Check and double check required materials and deadlines.
  • Check and double check required materials and deadlines. (I can’t say this enough!)
  • Don’t overload your child with too many activities/internships.
  • Choose activities that correlate with your child’s interests (But know your child. If they say they don’t like science because that’s what their friends say then that shouldn’t qualify as a reason to not participate).

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