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Not Selling Santa Claus to the Children?

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Not Selling Santa Claus to the Children?

Do you sell Santy Claus to the kiddos?  After Thanksgiving do you have them make a list, destined for the North Pole, with all of their wished for items?  My three make a list too, addressed straight to me and their dad, not Santa.
I debated over Santa for a quite a while when I had my first child, but decided against it.  I get it.  My parents sold Santa Claus to me.  But I have a problem giving all of the gift bringing credit to some stranger.  Then there’s the little issue of explaining to the children that I’ve been lying to them for the past seven or so years.  I don’t know about you, but when I found out my parents were lying to me about Santa it forced me to question, “What other lies have they been telling me? ‘ (It turned out to be the Easter bunny).
I don’t have time to come up with lies about how an obese man can slide down a chimney – without being detected by ADT.  I don’t feel like coming up with stories about how Santa can  have enough time to deliver presents to all the children in the world  - in a night… in a fancy cart… with no Heating or AC… led by reindeer who have no ability whatsoever to fly. 
I had a serious talk with the kiddos about them keeping the truth about Santa from their classmates.  As many people still take Santa seriously.  Pew Research Center survey, conducted last December, on the way Americans celebrate Christmas found that:
  • 20% of Americans say they are the parent or guardian of a child in their household who believes in Santa Claus.
  • 69% of this group says they will pretend that Santa visits their home this Christmas Eve.
  • 21% adults, who say there are no children residing in their household, will pretend that Santa visits their home this year.
The kiddos come home from school and tell me they hear their friends talk about what Santa may bring them and then inform me, as earnest as a person with their right hand over their heart,  that they did not tell their friends the truth. They also know to play along when a stranger in the street is sweet enough to ask them ‘Are you ready for Santa?’ or “What’s Santa bringing you this year?’  It’s too much to explain why the kiddos know the Santa truth as I am trying to remember my PIN at the checkout counter.
When I found out that Santa wasn’t real I was disappointed for a while.  But my disappointment didn’t last long. After a while I turned my attention to watching my parents work together to get my sister and I presents for Christmas (my mama always assigned to get our shoes and clothes, my dad toys and candy).  Even after I found out that Santa wasn’t real my mama still hid the presents until the night before Christmas.  My sister and I still were banned to one room while mama spent Christmas Eve wrapping up all our goodies and daddy put together bikes and dollhouses.  Learning that Santa was made up did not decrease the Christmas excitement and anticipation.  Once I got rid of Santa, I realized that while presents are nice, the family sitting around the tree was just as special too.  No need to have Santa around, getting in the away of that important point.


Do/did you tell your kiddos about Santa Claus being real?


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