Parent Involvement in Schools: Whats That Look Like?

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Parent Involvement in Schools: Whats That Look Like?



Have you completed the Open House school tour? Depending on how many children you have it may have been a long week of school hopping to hear anywhere from one to six teachers explain projects, policies on late work and how to turn assignments in online. Just a few weeks ago I spent two hours, 6-8, in an Open House night for one child!  After a full day of work and whipping up dinner let me tell you, I was running on fumes by 7:45. 
87% of parents  attend school or parent teacher meetings.  Most parents also are involved in their child’s school by:
  • Participating in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • Chaperone class trips
  • Volunteer as classroom parent
  • Provide extra school work
The Parental Involvement in Selected Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) however asserts that there are TWO forms of school parental involvement: School-based (as mentioned above) and home-based. Home-based parental involvement in schools looks like:
  • Reading to kids from an early age
  • Adults also reading at home
    • Discussing political or social issues, books, films or television programs
    • Eating and talking with children around the table
    In our house we do our best to incorporate both forms of parental involvement in school. But to tell you the truth school-based parental involvement is easier. Although an added task on one’s to-do list at the end of a long day, school-based parental involvement happens a few times in a nine month school year.   While home-based parental involvement is more intensive because it needs to happen every day. What’s a parent to do if you work a full-time j-o-b? Especially since home-based parental involvement can improve school success as it has shown to improve reading performance.

    PTSY Tips:

    • Make a commitment to read to the little ones at least three times a week.
    • Got older kids? Shut off all electronics at least thirty minutes before bedtime and have them read to you or read together.
    • Many mamas may do all the bedtime reading.  But encourage dad to take turns with you.
    • Don’t feel bad if you fall short a few days.  The weekends are a total mess for us.  But we pick it back up on Mondays.

      Does a busy work week make home-based parental involvement a challenge in your household?

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    1. Super article with simple ideas for parental participation. I especially liked the idea of turning off the TV a half hour before bedtime and reading books with older kids with the parent and child exchanging reading roles.

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