Parenting a High Schooler? Are You Using Parent Portal to Decipher the ‘Fine’? – Plus Math Help

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Parenting a High Schooler? Are You Using Parent Portal to Decipher the ‘Fine’? – Plus Math Help

What happens when you ask your kiddos “How was school today?” If your kids are like mine all you may get is “Fine.” With the younger kids it can be a bit ‘easier’ to decipher the ‘fine’.  For one, their teachers keep in contact with me more. With newsletters, homework and behavior sheets I am aware of what’s going on daily.  With a high schooler it’s different.  We are cutting back on the coddling – or at least making strides to.  In a few years our oldest won’t have us there when she goes to college.  We feel that now is the time for her to understand that not studying for a test can hurt you.  That making flash cards and studying a few hours the night before a test just ain’t gonna cut it. 
It can be a challenge to have the high schooler come to us for help.  As she more than likely does not want to let us know she needs extra work and/or that she has not been studying.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter if she tells us or not as I have access to parent portal and as my daddy would say when we were younger, “When we get the grades, we’ll see how much studying you really been doing!”   I didn’t understand my parents ‘tough educational love’ growing up and I am sure my oldest does not now.  But when she complains and tries to present an argument as to why a grade of ‘C’ is not her best but should be acceptable…I first breathe.  Then, I do my best to remember that this is the same person who does not see the point in not putting dishwasher banned items in the dishwasher.  This is also the same person who has to be reminded of their weekly chores (as if they need a reminder) and who wants to have a serious conversation about why they need a car when they are not even of age to get a permit let alone a license.  Until our teenager leans more on rational rather than irrational thought, I’m fully prepared to continue to use parent portal as a way to decipher the ‘fine’.

Parents Empowered to Enhance Knowledge!





Looking to enhance knowledge in: Rational and Irrational Numbers
Educational Activity Focus: You can let your high school scholar know that rational and irrational numbers do have a place in the real world. According to Dr. Math
rational numbers are just a new name for fractions… The idea is that we can build up the concept of numbers in several layers, starting with the most "natural" numbers that are understood by young children, and becoming more sophisticated and complex in order to answer new kinds of questions. Natural numbers are used in counting; zero is introduced because you might also have none of something; integers allow you to subtract ANY two numbers and get an answer that makes sense (and so model ideas like debts or going in both directions along a line).  But integers don't allow you to DIVIDE any two numbers; 2 divided by 3 is not an integer, so you're stuck (or have to use remainders, an unwieldy trick to avoid fractions)--until you invent or discover the idea of  fractions (rational numbers), which let you divide anything (except by 0).


First review number types…just in case.



Next, they can review with this game on rational and irrational numbers (from



Lastly, they can put not only what they know about rational numbers but all things math in this interactive math game on planning for a bakery order at the Sweet Treat Cafe!






Looking to enhance knowledge in: Ratios
Educational Activity Focus: The use of ratios in everyday life!


First, review the importance of ratios in everyday life with this video (from



Next they can practice their refined ratio skills with this math game. Ratio Stadium (from






Looking to enhance knowledge in: Understanding place Value
Educational Activity Focus: There are a lot of great math games here to practice place value.  For this particular game choose Scooter 1 where your whiz kid can help a little boy make enough money for buy a scooter.



 Find tons more place value interactive games here




Looking to enhance knowledge in: Math Facts to understand addition and subtraction.
Educational Activity Focus: Learning quantity is a needed skill.  If your kindergartner is ready to move on from the abacus then maybe it’s time to challenge them with math facts.  Math facts are basic addition and subtraction facts, i.e. 7+3 = 10, 3+7=10, 4+6=10, 4+5=9 etc.


With this site select a game (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division), next select a math level and then – get smarter!

Here’s to Closing the Achievement Gap!


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