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PTSY Tablets and Children’s Book Picks for Christmas

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PTSY Tablets and Children’s Book Picks for Christmas

What are you hiding from your kids? This time of the year I stash toys in the garage and try to cleverly hide board games and sneaker boxes under the mounds of coats, shoes and tailgating seats in the trunk of my car.  The newly turned teen in our house wants a cell phone.  And she can look in all of my hiding spots all she wants, but she won’t find it. Not because I have used stealth-like hiding tactics, but because there will be no phone for her until she’s far, far away from adolescent behavior.  After I assured the oldest that I am in no way joking in order to build up to the ‘big reveal’ on Christmas morning, she did sulk and mumble under her breath how the world is so unfair for a few days.  Nevertheless, the closest she will get to technology this year will be her e-reader.  
According to a recent survey by PBS most parents (54%) will wrap and place some sort of technological device under the tree for their children. Tablets are at the top of the list.  We too are among the 73% of parents whose technology purchases will more than likely be some sort of eReader.  Not gonna say yet which one we got, but the following are some of tech experts top picks.

PTSY Tablet Picks for Christmas


Truth be told, I still love the feel of paper between my thumb and pointer finger as I eagerly try to get to the next page.  Therefore, even though we’re bringing tablets into the house, I still plan on going by the Scholastic Book Fairs Holiday Warehouse Book Sale to lose my book-loving mind. 
Take a peek at PTSY Christmas book picks sure to get the kiddos nice and excited for Christmas or Kwanzaa!  

10 Children’s and Young Adult Book Picks for Christmas

What books and type of technology do you plan on getting this year?

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