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Traveling this Winter Break? Pass the Time with Math

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Traveling this Winter Break? Pass the Time with Math


Will you be traveling with the kiddos this Holiday break?  Are you preparing to deal with unpleasant weather?  I watched the news this morning and listened to the weather man detail the expected delays at airports around the nation.  His suggestion? That’s what books and iPads are for.   Spoken like a person with no children.  Anybody with at least one human being who is depending on you to be the responsible one knows that a trip with kiddos involves two things: food and items to amuse them while they wait – no matter the age. Without question in order to maintain some type of parental sanity these two things have to be changed up sporadically and need to be plentiful.  
PTSY can help! Here are a few helpful math activities to put in your parenting bag of traveling tricks!


Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!


math winter break activities

Will your teen receive a great deal of cash this Holiday?
Have them prepare a spending budget.
How much of their budget do they predict they will save?
How much do they predict they will spend?

teen budget worksheet


Personal Budget Worksheet pdf
Where did they spend most of their money? Was it worth it?
Can your teen tell you how they plan to fill up the ‘income’ column in the near future?



math winter break activities

Has your middle schooler been talking about a movie that they just have to see this winter break?  How about put their math and movie skills to work.
  • Have them check out movies that have come out in the last two months.
  • Which of these movies grossed the most money?
  • Are any of these movies sequels? If so how much more money did the first make than the second?
  • Have them find out the cost of making each movie?
  • Which movies made the most money when comparing the cost of making the movie to the amount of movie the money grossed?

math winter break activities

tracking santa claus
Track Santa (or his possible path if you or someone at your kiddo’s school already gave up the goods on Santa).
  • Too busy cooking, baking or wrapping Christmas Eve? No worries get an older sibling, cousin or tech savvy grandma to help. Tracking Santa's big trip is a great exercise in geography, cartography, distance, speed, temperature and time zones.
  • Fun Fact to get them started: Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming he travels east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 822.6 visits per second.
  • Norad Tracks Santa, Starting on December 24th 2014 you can Track Santa from Norad and Google Earth. Download Google Earth for Free click here.  Then you can Track Santa in 3D with Norad Santa Tracker.
While tracking Santa’s path you can ask your whiz kid the following:
  • How far is it to the North Pole?
  • What's the temperature at the North Pole?
  • Does Santa have any daylight?
  • How far does Santa have to travel? How fast is he going?
  • What if Santa had to travel to the moon?
  • Why can't we find Santa? Maybe he actually lives at the magnetic North Pole, which changes every year!

math winter break activities

math activities travel family preschool kindergarten


Count the Christmas Lights
How many Christmas lights are decorating the hotel or house that you’re visiting? Count by two’s, ten’s and fives.
Can you and the kiddo figure out how many extra watts of power are being used?



Here’s to Closing the Achievement Gap!

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