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PE Benefits African American Girls Grades and Body

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PE Benefits African American Girls Grades and Body


What can you make your teenager do?  Not very much if you ask me.  Right about the time I could no longer carry our teen off in my arms I began to realize the extent of her free will.  I don’t mean to say that we allow our resident teen to do whatever she pleases.  Not in the least.  But I have come to realize there are several tasks she will only complete simply because she has to. 
Take exercising for instance.  Our teen is not overweight.  But in the past almost year her dad and I have tried to make efforts to involve everyone, including ourselves, in some sort of physical activity.  The younger kiddos are all for it.  The teen, much like anything else we suggest nowadays, does not want any part of.  I am assuming it’s a hormonal teenage ‘thing’ attached to the reason why.
At this point PE class is the only time our teen takes part in physical activity.  I’ve invited her to come walking with me, to which she replies with a long, distasteful, “Noooooooo.’ Her dad has even created a short workout routine for her.  And I have seen her complete this workout maybe….never.   We’ve tried to put her in sports, and that’s when we realized music is her thing. So, at this point if physical activity is not school mandated, she’s not gonna do it. 
Thankfully this semester she’s taking a PE class.  A recent study, published this month by the journal of Urban Education, reported that African American girls who lived in an ‘urban’ community benefited academically from PE.  Students performed better on days where they were actively engaged in physical activity compared to the days when they did not have a PE class.
I know, or at least I am hoping that one day our teen will find the desire to stay physically fit. Right now it sure would be nice to see the same academic results of this study show up in her grades.  In the meantime my fingers and toes are crossed that her have to’s will turn one day into a ‘just do’.


Does your family and teen like to exercise?


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