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School Readiness to Jump Start Success

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School Readiness to Jump Start Success

Are the children in your home exactly the same? Probably not.  But, as a parent there are some things we can pat ourselves on the back about when it comes to raising children and say with confidence:
“I know this much is true, when it comes to ________.”
For instance after my first child I knew with the second and third to have water, the TV remote control, maybe a snack and all children settled before I began to pump (for milk that is). Also, after my first child I knew to expect feedings every 2-4 hours, I learned how to introduce table food for the first time and I perfected the special spooky voice needed when reading any Scooby-Dooby Doo book.
But it wasn’t until my oldest entered pre-K at the age of 3, I realized when it came to schooling (or how to ‘do school’) in the 21st century, I felt like I knew nothing!  After a few weeks of her screaming and crying when I dropped her off at school, it became obvious that some children knew more shapes and colors than my child. They could even write their names – with no help! I felt like I had missed a parenting book, a meeting, a memo, or some type of notification about what I should’ve done before she stepped foot in that class. I was in a sense, clueless.
Clueless that:
Thankfully, her teacher that year was the GREATEST (We love Ms. McCanic)! She did not judge me then, as a single mother who worked until it was almost time for the school to close and who did not have a clue about schooling in the new millennium. Instead, she took my arm, looked me in the eye and said “Don’t worry. She’ll know shapes, colors, numbers, her name…everything by the end of the year. She will learn in here.” Her words were like a Lotto win falling into my single mother ailing bank account.
Because I have had experience with one child already the other two are privileged in that I’ve learned more of what to do and what not to do. I am aware of what works and what doesn’t. I assume all first children of the family are like a test case to some extent and suffer the same fate. Many teachers later, thankfully I am not as clueless... and this much is true, when it comes to all of my children.

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