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Schools Out for Summer: Why It’s a Bitter Sweet Moment

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Schools Out for Summer: Why It’s a Bitter Sweet Moment

How will the summer change your family's schedule? I got a feeling this summer will be like the rest.  Where overall it will be fun…but not quite as fun for me as it will be for the kiddos.  You know how when you prepare for a trip to some place like Disney World the kiddos are all excited.  And you too would be just as excited as them, if it wasn't for the fact that you knew what you were in for.  Disney World for the kiddo’s means rides and wishing upon a star at the magic kingdom.  For you it means packing up snacks for the road trip.  It means making sure the oldest has their allergen free pillow and scouting out in advance places that have the words gluten free on the menu.  It’s like the difference between planning a party and arriving as the guest of honor.
Friday for us is the official start to summer. Fortunately I have worked on a school schedule for the last eight years.  This means that when the kiddos are out of school I am too.  Well sort of.  During the summer I pretty much work from home which means I get the pleasure of working AND being with the kiddos.  All. Day. Long.
In less than four days I will have to say goodbye to the school schedule and hello to the summer. A bitter sweet time for several reasons:
  1. No more making school lunches – Instead I will have some hungry looking child come to my office claiming starvation.  Every hour after breakfast.
  2. No more early bedtime – I will trade in my glorious oh so appreciated 9:00 bedtime.  A moment of silence please......  What can I say?  There is something wrong, I think, about making a child keep a regular bedtime during the summer, unless that is you are under the age of five.  The kiddos will enjoy it.  I on the other hand will have two more hours of breaking up fights over whose turn is it to hold the remote or telling somebody to stop sitting too close to somebody else.
  3. No more trying to squeeze in outside playtime after dinner - Instead of waiting until after dinner to let the kiddos run off the last bit of steam they have before it’s time to go to bed I will have to hold them in the house all day.  Lest child services come knocking on my door asking me why I have let my children run around in one hundred degree plus heat.
  4. No more waiting in carpool........need I say more. (Depending on your afterschool routine for some it will be no more counting the minutes until you get the much awaited phone call saying they made it home safe from the bus stop.) – Instead I will have the pleasure of driving everyone to their camps – at different times, on different weeks and of course to different places.
Summer used to be a time when I couldn’t’ wait to sit in an air conditioned house all day long with a book and a gazillion cable channels.  But as a mama it’s not like that anymore.  When it comes to summer I am officially the ‘party planner’ and no longer a ‘guest of honor’.


How will the summer change your family's schedule?



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