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Sleep Tight: Could Sleep Improve Math and Reading Grades

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Sleep Tight: Could Sleep Improve Math and Reading Grades

Have you ever slept for hours and still woke up tired?  Even in the world of sleep it seems that quality is better than quantity.  If I don't get at least 6-7 hours of quality sleep I know that until I find my way back to my bed I need to probably keep my mouth shut for fear it will take on the shameless audacity of a 70 year old grandma. I used to think that quality sleep for the kiddos was a given.  After we read a bedtime story I have seen them time and time again fall into a fast, mouth all open, even if I turn on the ceiling light they won't wake up kind of sleep.  But even for the kiddos it’s not just about how long they sleep but how well they sleep. 
A study released last year, with the Riverside School Board in Saint-Hubert, Quebec, of 75 healthy children between 7 and 11 years of age, found that sleep efficiency" is associated with higher academic performance in math and languages - but grades in science and art weren't affected. If this is indeed the case the researchers suggest that perhaps schools could screen regularly for possible sleep issues as one means to assist students who exhibit difficulties in math, languages or reading.
I like that idea.  Sleep as a cure.  I always knew that when my kiddos start to break down for the littlest reasons they need a nap or it’s bedtime.  Who knew that some good sleep could be the cure for when they are having a fit with math homework too?


What do think of quality sleep as a means to help your kiddo with math?


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