Something Other than Fried: Grilled Seasoned Tilapia

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Something Other than Fried: Grilled Seasoned Tilapia

What’s your meat rotation for dinner? Ours? Chicken, turkey fish – repeat.  Growing up anytime we ate fish it was usually fried and on a Friday.  But the hubby and I are getting older (thank God).  We now concern ourselves with whether or not we have ‘good fats’ running through our arteries.  Plus the kiddos are watching.  I hope to pass on more than fried fish recipes.  So I’ve been tasked with the challenge to find a way to fix fish that didn’t take a bath in hot grease first. 
It was a challenge but we have finally gotten used to the taste of fish without a crispy, golden crust.  We now use more of our griddle than a pan of grease.  It’s not a replacement for fried fish in our dinner meat rotation.  But a good way to stall in the fried fish in between times. 




Seafood magic
Garlic salt
Tony’s seasoning
Black pepper
Butter or olive oil


Servings:  2 grown people, 1 teen girl and 1 growing eight year old boy and 1 7 year old girl 
Prep Time: 2-5 mins
Cook Time: 7-10 mins
Total Time: 10-15 mins





Season fish lightly on both sides.


Grilled Seasoned Tilapia

Heat griddle to 325-350 degrees.  Spread butter or olive oil on hot griddle.  Let fish cook for about 3-5 minutes on each side.
Grilled Seasoned Tilapia



Add more butter or olive oil on griddle if necessary.
Grilled Seasoned Tilapia recipe
Grilled Seasoned Tilapia



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