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Sports and Dance Moms: 7 Things to do While You Wait

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Sports and Dance Moms: 7 Things to do While You Wait

Ever caught yourself in a moment of drool out the side of your mouth boredom? You know the kind of boredom where you start out with your chin resting on your wrist and then you eventually surrender to a full fledged headrest on crossed arms?  I get that feeling, several times a week actually when I wait for the kiddos to finish whatever activity I’ve had to shuttle them to.
Over the decades I’ve grown accustomed to waiting.  Going to eleven o’clock church service has taught me to not to expect to be out before one.  When I had a straight hair-do, I once waited an impressive seven hours in a beauty shop.  Shameful I know…but my hair did look good.
I had to learn early to strategize through the wait.  It was either that or let the agonizing waiting drive me crazy as I watch minutes creep slowly into hours.   As a child at church I knew to take something to write or draw on to keep me occupied while the preacher preached.  At the hair salon I had my walk-man, a book and the hopeful option to watch something good on the beauty shop TV from time to time. 
Now as a mama of three in music and sports activities a few times a week I find myself back in the waiting time warp.   Several times a week I am forced into hours of time and space with usually no Wi-Fi and no adults really willing to talk it up since we are all ready to get home from work and thus too tired to try and make any new friends.
Many say that everything happens for a reason and in the case I especially believe it is so. My experiences have prepared me well.   No waiting in agony for me while the kiddos finish up a practice or lesson.  Uh-uh.  I bring a good book and I plan one of the following activities.  And depending on how long I have to wait, sometimes I have to combine two or three of them.

7 Things to do While You Wait – Limited/No Wi-Fi

  1.  Your nails. – Suggestion: With this activity you may have to stay in the car if you have to wait in closed doors. 
  2. Pick up dinner.  – It’s amazing how well you can familiarize yourself with the restaurants that are able to turnover a meal for a family of five in less than thirty minutes.
  3. Make a grocery list. – Tired of eating out?  Look up quick meals or meals to prepare the night before. (If your data plan is like mine there’s no time to watch movies or TV shows. But, I can check Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest which happen to be perfect places for finding meal inspiration.)
  4.  Exercise – While the kiddos have practice and the weather is nice, walk or run – go for it!
  5. Study for test – In my back at school mom experience I could get more done in the hour the kiddos were at practice than I could in the five hours with everybody home.
  6. Chat it up – Call all friends and family you haven’t spoken to in years. (You may want to do this in the car too.)
  7. Catch up on episodes of Scandal/Empire – If your data plan is willing, in the last fifteen or twenty minutes left in practice or lessons, go for it! (Remember to bring your earbuds!)


What do you like to do while you wait for the kiddos to finish practice/lessons?


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