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Spring Doesn’t Change a Thing

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Spring Doesn’t Change a Thing

Are you ready for spring? Ready or not, it’s happening.  I think of spring like a big yawn. The warm weather starts to wake up, the sun stays out longer and the kiddos get to spend a few days of the week running around outside.  It won’t be long before we can hang up our bulky winter coats and always MIA hats. No longer having to look for, or turn around to go back and get, hats and winter coats means I should be able to have more time in my day - somewhere.  If only that were true.
If the kiddos ask to go outside and play we (meaning me, the hubby or the oldest) have to go outside too.  When it’s my turn to sit and watch them play I lose any extra time I gained not chasing after hats and coats.  During winter not going outside after dinner means I have time to fold clothes, straighten up some or maybe even catch an episode of Jeopardy.  With human hibernation coming to an end, not any more.
Time springing forward last week gave the kiddos extra time in the day to be able to get out of the house and get fresh air. Unfortunately for this mama I know that time could spring forward two times and I feel like I still would be behind in one of my mama duties. If only that were not true!


How does the spring change your family’s plans?


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