Sticking to Bedtime and Reading in the Summer

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Sticking to Bedtime and Reading in the Summer

It’s summer time.  Have you fallen off the bedtime reading path? Truth be told I can be as bad as the kiddos. Just as much as they don’t want to cut off the TV and read I don’t want to end my binge watching of Veep to read to them either.  But do it I must.  It’s like eating veggies and drinking plenty of water.
We have certain rules or traditions that help to keep us on the reading path (reluctant days or not):
  • We start at least 15-20 minutes before bedtime.
  • We alternate reading in different kids bedrooms.
  • Absolutely no TV, iPad or even phone.  (If the house phone rings I ignore that too.)
  • The resident teenager has to cut off all devices and read in her room when we start reading.
Nowadays since the kiddos are older we like to skip the picture books and read a chapter at a time.  A book they choose.  Sometimes I like to stop at ‘juicy’ places.  Let me tell you there are many a good elementary and middle grade chapter books that can keep even an adult entertained...and ready to get back to the book of choice the next night.

Got a certain book in mind this summer and you’re counting the summer moments carefully? Find out how long it really will take to read certain books:

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How Long It Takes To Read Popular Kids Books by


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