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Summer Camp or a Summer Job? 3 Things for Your Teen to Think About

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Summer Camp or a Summer Job? 3 Things for Your Teen to Think About

Now that the resident teen is getting older summer camps are beginning to be a bit ‘played out’ (if I may use my old school language).  At almost fifteen she is way beyond spending all day visiting museums, movies and painting.  During the summer we’ve moved from making sure she knows her multiplication tables to making sure she has the right skills to do well on the SAT and ACT.
It used to be that the extent of summer programs, as far as I knew growing up, was the YMCA and by the time you were a teen you were too old for that.  The next step was a j-o-b, working the fry station at McDonalds or folding and re-folding shirts in the mall.  Now there are a gazillion summer options for teens.  No longer do teens just have to search the want ads, but they can also take up pre-college summer programs.  What are pre-college summer programs?  These days many colleges offer high school students the ability to take and receive college credit – for a price of course.  So, how does one choose?
First: What is your teen interested in?
Fashion? Video games? Insects?  Perhaps a college course can help your teen  learn more about their topic of interest.  Not only can they gain valuable college credit but they can also start to become familiar with college life and learn how to live without mommy and daddy. 
Second: What’s out there?
We live near three colleges.  So we’ve got a few options when it comes to choosing pre-college summer programs.  If there are not a lot of college options near you than the job route might be more advantageous – this summer.  If so see if you can skip the regular fry station option. There may just be some offices/business, i.e. law, medicine or hair salon, that will let your teen work.  Next summer you may plan to send your budding genius away to a pre-college summer program. 
Third: Does your teen need to make money?
Pre-college programs can be costly…I mean really costly.  They can go as low as $1500 and as high as $10,000 or more depending on where you send your budding college genius.  One more word to the wise…don’t let cost scare you, many pre-college programs offer scholarships.


 What will it be for your high school genius, a pre-college program or a job?


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