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Summer Vacation = A Break from Learning…I-Don’t-Think-So!

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Summer Vacation = A Break from Learning...I-Don’t-Think-So!


What plans do you have for the kids this summer? Perhaps your kid’s summer days will look like the Country Time Lemonade Commercials where kids swing from a tire tethered to a tree and disobediently run across fresh mowed grass that mirrors a buzz cut.  Or perhaps their summer will look like Spike Lee’s Crooklyn where endless games of hopscotch, tag, double Dutch competitions and water gun fights are played in front of the steps of a Brownstone row.
That is what summer is about, right? An earned mental break where cobwebs and dust can grow freely across the information obtained in the school year happily left behind.
Successful completion of a school year does seem to warrant some time off from learning.  I sure feel like I need a break.  After all, my husband and I will have survived:
  • Morning mad, dash madness to meet the school starting time.
  • Middle schooler angst about everything (and I do mean everything).
  • The kindergartner’s obsession over when his loosened teeth would cease to wiggle and finally pop out.
  • Lost or left behind book bags, lunch boxes, books and homework.
  • The weekly stress of trying to make a healthy and desirable lunch (which I did not succeed at doing, according to the middle schooler)
Isn’t the end of the school year the time to relish in the fact that soon we will have almost 10 whole weeks of life without a school schedule to follow, tests and homework?
Truthfully, I have completed a few rounds of the Cupid Shuffle and Wobble in celebration of the end of the school year (the hubby wouldn’t join in). But, my celebratory dance break will be brief. In reality I know that a complete break from school this summer is Out-Of- The-Question. Why?


Studies show during summers off from school:

Our three will spend a good portion of their summer with family, riding bikes, fishing and watching plenty of television.  But a good portion will also be spent on gas, time and effort shuttling them to various camps, reading and working on math, science - completing science experiments and social studies - watching documentaries and/or discussion on historic events or figures. This way my children can:
  • Keep what they learned fresh in their minds
  • Get a head start on next school years material
Our family is looking forward to the summer break. I love spending time with the kids and I so look forward to waking up a few minutes later in the morning. But, at the same time come August they will not return to school with dusty brains.

Tips for Maintaining Summer Learning:

  • Review parent friendly version of the common core state standards to be implemented in most states by 2013-2014 with children to get them prepared for the next school year.
  • Ask the teacher to provide you with or recommend materials or programs she/he feels will benefit your child during the summer.
  • Also check out this nifty infographic
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