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Thanks Given for Family Traditions

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Thanks Given for Family Traditions

I would imagine it’s every parent’s dream to have their children grow up and get together during the Holidays.  To think that one day the kiddo’s will plan a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner menu (of which by that time I will have retired from major Holiday cooking) to be cooked by their spouses and devoured by their children is equivalent to seeing them work next to the president of the United States or CEO of a fortune 500.  
We have hosted Thanksgiving at our house before.  But our home is not the designated ‘Queen Bee’ Holiday location.  As when it comes time to celebrate major Holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, grandmama’s houses (aka the Queen Bees of me and hubby’s family tree) usually trumps any other location as Thanksgiving home base.
In past years the hubby and I divided up our Thanksgiving Day between grandparents’ houses.  I have managed to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner the night before. I like for my own home to be filled with the aroma of celery and onions and butter brimming from cake pans.   So the kiddos get to eat no less than a total of three Thanksgiving dinners.  A somewhat kind of kookie way to celebrate Thanksgiving but our family tradition for the last years nonetheless. 
That is until this year.  This year changes in plans within our families means we will not be able to attend our respective Queen Bee locations.  Instead we get to practice some Thanksgiving traditions of our own.  We plan to have siblings, cousins and friends visit.  Not for a full Thanksgiving showdown, but at least Thanksgiving evening will be spent reheating leftovers and scoffing down decadent pies and desserts.  Quiet as it’s kept we are happily hoping to act out the post Thanksgiving feasts we experienced when we were young.  
The hubby and I both grew up in similar families where we ran back and forth between the designated kids space in the house and the centrally located television playing the must see Thanksgiving Day football game.   We soaked up aunts, uncles and almost like aunts and uncles, laughing and talking loud after the feast.  And I waited on the day that I could sit among the mothers, aunts, girl cousins and friends of the family who sat talking around a table still lined with the carcass of a turkey and half empty casseroles dishes.  Back then I yearned to be a part of the juicy conversations I just knew they were having, which of course was always placed on pause when I walked into the room. 
For our kiddos we want to make family traditions that they will hopefully one day mimic.  We hope that this year is a start. Maybe, just maybe it will lead to a visit to one of their houses one year as the Thanksgiving designation and I can witness them as grownups, talking over desserts and second helpings of dressing.


What family traditions do you have for Thanksgiving?


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