Parenting Tip: Who Knows Your Child Better Than You?

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Parenting Tip: Who Knows Your Child Better Than You?

“Parents have become so convinced educators know what is best for children that they forget that they themselves are really the experts.” - Marian Wright Edelman
The internet has made information readily available. I Google quite often when I have a question.
  • How many electoral votes does Florida have?
  • How do you calculate a chemical equation?
  • Who made the dress Michelle Obama wore on election night?
I mean the Googling can go on and on. Sometimes it may be for information, or maybe to get a second opinion. While I may be adept at Googling, in no way do I believe that my Google efforts make me an expert on such matters.  When I walk into a situation where I am an amateur on the subject at hand, I rely on the expert, not Google, to lead the way.
For example, when I vote I take it to mean that I accept the Constitutional forefather’s governmental design to relieve me of having to know the details of all the laws.  It also means that I agree that I do not have to know the names and background of every national, state and local politician…because whomever I vote for should be better informed.
I am not lazy. But, let’s be real. I do not have the time to conduct endless searches on the internet to gain expertise nor verify the background of the politicians.  Shameful I know.  But, I assuage my guilt by remembering:
  1. I have a husband, children, family…and friends.
  2. I have a full time job (and a couple of part time)
  3. I am in graduate school.
  4. Any other hours left in the day are reserved for sleeping (6, if I’m lucky)
My trust in the experts to have the answers in areas I am clueless about is built on my belief that they should know best how to get results.  Thus, I expect action on promises made by a politician and in the case of my children’s education, I expect positive results from my child’s teacher.
I know that teachers have been trained in their content. They have been given strategies on how to deliver instruction and textbooks on types of activities to use with their lessons.  But when my child is not as successful as I know she should be I question their expertise.  All the degrees, and awards displayed on their classroom walls become null and void if they are not in support of ensuring that my child is as successful as I believe she can be.  When this happens I then consider the teacher a person I refer to for a second opinion and not so much as the expert.  I don’t know quite how to Google that, but I will figure it out if I have to.

What have you Googled/searched for online to better your child’s education?

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