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There Will be Pure Panic When My Oldest Goes to College

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There Will be Pure Panic When My Oldest Goes to College


Do you remember the first time you let your big baby go to the bathroom alone in a crowded store?  Or the first time you let them stay at home alone?  Pure panic until you set eyes on them again right? Or maybe it’s just me.  It’s probably not good for the kiddos, but for my peace of mind I like to dole out independence in pieces, tiny steps.  Step one for me is teaching our three when and how loud to yell ‘Stranger Danger!’ and I’m beginning to think that’s just the easy part.
As I see it me and the hubby’s main goal it to make sure that our three become self-sufficient individuals and I don’t mean just financially.  College is the next big letting go step for me/us.  And I am concerned.  Not just because there will be no one there to tell our oldest to get her butt up and go to class.  Or that she will have to deal with parties and plenty of alcohol.  My major concern? What is the equivalent of college ‘Stranger Danger!’ for rapes and racists incidents on college campuses that’s been happening lately?
When the time comes to send our oldest off to college we will pray for her protection and that she will make good decisions.  We will give her a bunch of advice that she probably won’t follow.  But hopefully she will take heed to some - like walk under bright campus lights with plenty of friends late at night.  Either way I know it will be out of my control.  Yet I can’t help but feel that I’ll still have a little letting go panic that won’t subside until she comes home on the weekend or for spring break and I can set eyes on her.


How do you think you will feel when it’s time to send your ‘big baby’ off to college?




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