Can Spring Break Vacation Lead to a Learning Advantage?

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Can Spring Break Vacation Lead to a Learning Advantage?



For spring break my parents never had to figure out what to do with my sister and me because my mama was a teacher.  When we were out of school, she was off of work.  Our spring breaks normally consisted of spending time around the house, going to the library and volunteering with our mama.  By Friday of spring break we would finish up Easter preparations.  Did we have hair bows, socks or stockings to match our Easter dresses for Sunday?  At which time we would go to Florence, SC for Easter Sunday service with our grandma and dinner at her house later. It was so much fun capping the week off from school at grandma’s with Easter eggs hunts with cousins and hugs, kisses and laughs from aunts and uncles. Is that not a perfect spring break vacation for kids? Not anymore by certain standards as going to grandma’s house doesn’t necessarily count as a vacation.  Unless that is grandma lives 50 miles or more from home as that is how AAA defines a spring break vacation.   In addition I know now that there are families that take spring break vacations in such places like the Bahamas, Barbados or Hawaii. Such facts add a slight different perspective on the perfection of my annual Easter egg hunt at grandma's.
Spring break vacations which require travel aren’t just great because of being able to see such sights as pretty blue water and fresh air.  Rather, these types of spring break vacations can provide a learning adventure outside of a child’s normal environment.  By exposing kids to new and different experiences – in another country or state for instance, i.e. via music, art, history etc., they are more inclined to think critically  and enhance their learning skills. 
It is our hope to take our kiddos on spring break vacations far out of town or even out of the country one day.  However, upon going through this top 10 family spring break vacations list I made two initial conclusions:
  1. We don’t live near any of these places.
  2. It would take a million dollars to take my family of five (or at least it seems)
Honestly, I think that many Black families may not be able to swing a spring break vacation that requires a passport or staying at various hotels, given the fact that the median net worth for Black families in 2013 was $28,500 (in comparison to White families $265,000). 
My semi-staycations during spring break were not learning trips or adventures.  Unless that is you count my trips to the library, which were not 50 miles or more away.  Right now our kiddo’s will get more of the same of what I experienced growing up.  Not bad really, but still. If only Easter egg hunts were equivalent to swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas...


What are your spring break plans with the family?

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