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Encourage Going to College to Be a ‘Boss’?

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Encourage Going to College to Be a ‘Boss’?

Do you have a child who always wants to argue their point?  When I was growing up you didn't argue with adults.  Doing so was deemed equivalent to a sin.  The hubby was raised the same way.  Somehow though we've managed to raise children who seem to want to be in on making the rules in the house.  No one has been bold enough to ask, but when told to do something, I've gotten looks like “But, I don’t understand why I have to’.   I swear they would roll their eyes or lace their voices with bitter sarcasm if they could.  I get it.  They want to argue their case as to why it should be their way.  When they begin to argue, I respond in two ways:
  1. First I say, ‘I don’t argue with children, so this conversation is over.’
  2. Then, if I am not too aggravated, I give them a dose of subliminal messaging
I tell them if they want to be the boss – they have to pay the cost.  Then, and only then, can they make their own rules.
The cost of being a boss in our house means, you have to go to college.  Why?  Usually those who have the power to change the rules have gone to college.  For instance, the top five earning occupations for people with a graduate degree are physicians and surgeons, chief executives and legislators, pharmacists, marketing and sales managers and financial managers.  The kiddos don’t quite understand it in these terms.  So instead I break it down like this.
I let them know that being the boss doesn't just mean having your own place where you can make your own bedtime.  I use President Obama and I say, ‘he went to college, a couple of colleges.  Now look at him.  Before he became president:
I realize that President Obama could have stayed with tradition, stuck to the script.  But, I also realize that when you are a ‘boss’ you have a choice to go off script.  At the very least I hope our children understand that.


How do you encourage your children to be the ‘boss’ one day?

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