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Preparing Your Teen for College During the Summer

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Preparing Your Teen for College During the Summer



When you were a teenager what did you do in the summer?  Before I had a teen I thought that planning summer activities was mostly for the young kiddos.  Not anymore. When I was growing up, the best way to prepare for college was to do well in school.  Summertime for me was spent working, earning some extra money to spend time with my friends.  Somewhere along the way summer expectations for high schoolers changed.  Instead of perhaps hanging out with friends at the mall or movies,  many teens are taking the time to find academic programs to fill up their college application.
Just as kindergarten is the new first grade, I am thinking summer will be an extension on our teen’s junior and senior year in high school.  Perhaps summer jobs are a thing of the past for teenagers.  In 1999 more than 52% of teens 16 to 19 worked a summer job.  That number fell to 32% in the summer of 2013.  Part time jobs have been especially hard for African American teens to find,  in 2013 only 19% of had one.   Summer pre-college programs can be seen as a better alternative to working in addition to time well spent.  More specifically, reputable pre-college summer programs can:
  • Let your teen know what it’s like to take college courses.
  • Make friends and meet new people. 
  • Get a taste of dorm life. 
  • Learn how to ration $20 for a week.  
  • Learn how to manage time.
  • Learn their way around a campus/the campus they plan to attend.
  • Learn how to live away from home – meaning having to wash clothes, make decisions…
  • Boost confidence and foster motivation
One other important note: Most pre-college programs ain’t cheap.  Some pre-college programs can cost as much as $10,000!  You may want to save up your dollars, ask the grandparents or ask the college about scholarships, especially if the program is soooo sweet, but the price tag makes your nose bleed!



Here are a few Pre-College Programs to Consider:


Young Women’s Institute - MEET Kelley
Is a free opportunity for high-ability students to get introduced to the Kelley School of Business, learn the opportunities available, experience a professional business case competition, and ultimately consider transitioning to Kelley after high school.



Fashion Design - Parsons The New School for Design in New York City
Parsons Summer Intensive Studies: New York is an exceptional academic art and design program enriched by the vast resources of New York City.



The Princeton University Summer Journalism Program
This program is intended for low-income students with excellent academic records who are committed to pursuing a career in journalism.


A Little bit of Everything:

Barnard Pre-College Summer Programs


Syracuse University Summer College (6, 3 and 2 week programs). Types of programs offered:


Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs


What kinds of summer pre-college programs interest your college bound teen?


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