What did I learn from Dr. Maya Angelou? To See Me Positively

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What did I learn from Dr. Maya Angelou? To See Me Positively

Have you ever thought to yourself: I don’t know if I can do that?  I can think up a long list of dreams I have yet to accomplish.  And no sooner than I come up with a wild dream, the many reasons why I may not be able to get it done begin to creep around.  It’s as if doubt stands solid with hands on hips and dares my wildest dreams to surface.  
Fortunately, inspiration can be like kryptonite to any doubt trying to infuse itself into my dreams. Inspiration changes my thinking about my wildest dreams to: If they can do it, why can’t IDr. Maya Angelou was and still is a great source of inspiration for me.  Learning about her life I begin to realize that she not only looked like someone I’d seen and spoken to at the beauty shop or church, but also dared to become a poet, author, actress and professor - and succeeded!   In addition she was proof to me that I:

Could Change the world

(Poet Maya Angelou and Gloria Steinem join a march in Washington in 1983).


Should Speak up and be Heard!

The oldest and definitely the two youngest are a bit too young to wrap their minds around the fact that successful black, female poets/actresses are a rarity, especially if they don’t write stories like Danielle Steele, look like Halle Berry or Kate Hudson and dared to become successful in the 1950’s.  I wonder who will inspire my three to achieve greatness.   I want my children to believe that they can defy the odds.  That they should fearlessly go after the wildest dreams that their minds can come up with.  I hope that they too can find someone to inspire them in their era, someone who fuels them with the belief to not be inhibited by what if’s and maybe’s


Who inspires your children to achieve greatness?

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