top colleges for black students

Top Colleges for Black Students…Keep On Dreaming

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Top Colleges for Black Students…Keep On Dreaming

Does your teen want to be famous? Ask my teen and she'll say, ‘yep’.  According to her being famous is what any self-respecting teen would want.   As far as our resident teen is concerned being famous means a life of luxury, adoration by millions and the ability to be filthy rich.  I am not a dream crusher.  My own biggest dreams sometimes make me say, ‘seriously’.  So I try to find a nice way to tell our teen that she probably has better odds being toppled by a vending machine than becoming an A lister in showbiz.
 According to recent reports it seems that the odds of an African American student attending a top college is about the same as them going home with best actress or actor award at the Oscars. Maybe the odds aren’t that bad, but still The Brookings Institution reported this month that:
  •  Black students make up just 4% of undergraduate enrollees in the top, quality four-year colleges, White – 9%, Hispanics – 12% and Asians – 26%
  •  59% of Black students attend colleges ranked in the bottom half, compared to Whites – 40%, Hispanics – 34% and Asian – 15%
  Who doesn’t want their child to attend one of the top colleges in the nation? Top colleges offer highly trained faculty and staff, accreditation and a reputable name that can help to shine up a new grads resume. The teen doesn’t quite get that a degree, especially from a top college, can lead to a life of luxury, adoration (maybe not by millions) and plenty of money (maybe not the filthy rich kind).  Then again our teen could very well be an A-lister in showbiz one day.  You never know.  All in all we want our teen to be aware of her odds… and any falling vending machines for that matter.


What are the top colleges your teen is looking to apply to?


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