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Trunk/Trick or Treat: A One Day Binge on Sugar Won’t Hurt

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Trunk/Trick or Treat: A One Day Binge on Sugar Won’t Hurt

Do you like candy? In my lifetime I have devoured just about every sweet, dyed filled treat one can find in the gas station candy aisles…and then some.  Two weeks out of every summer we went to stay with my grandma (my mama’s mama).  There was a corner store right next to my grandma’s house.  Mostly the adults went in there to buy their adult beverage of choice and play the poker machines.  My grandma didn’t like what was going on in the store, but she had a friendly relationship with the store owner, Mr. Jacobs.    Whenever I got a hold of some change grandma would let me go over there in the morning or afternoon to load up on penny candy.  My favorites, in increments of 5-7 usually, were fire balls, big-bol gum, Bazooka bubble gum, Super bubble gum, cigarette gum (can’t believe they don’t market those to kids any more), Now and Laters (just grape and apple),  lemon heads and Fun dip.  I took it all back to my grandma’s couch and emptied my pile of goodies out of the brown paper bag Mr. Jacobs gave me and promised my grandma I would not eat it all in one day. A promise, of course, I could never keep.
These days there are warnings about too much sugar and the possible effects of eating food with too much dye.  So I do my best to limit the kiddo’s candy intake.  They know candy is more for a special occasion, like birthdays or when the nice old man offers it to them at the barber shop.  That’s why I really do not mind one cheat sugary day for trunk/ trick or treat for the kiddos. 
Anyway the kiddos never eat all of the candy they collect trick or treating.  Every year we empty trick or treat bags from the previous year as the kiddos are putting on their costumes.  Plus, we enjoy seeing the glaze over their eyes as they come back from candy collecting and hold the bag up over their heads so they can watch their haul pile up on the floor.  I know that sweet feeling all too well. And who am I to cheat my three out of that kind of candy experience?


Are you only allowing healthy treats for Halloween?


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