Turkey Beanie Weenies

Turkey Beanie Weenies

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Turkey Beanie Weenies

When my mama had to work late there was one meal my dad always turned to: pork and beans and rice aka beanie weenies.  Of course my daddy would pick the easiest one of my mama’s meals to copy.  And who can blame him, pork and beans covers a protein and starch and you can put this together in under ten minutes.  Over the course of all the parent teacher conferences and open house nights in my mamas umpteen years as an educator my sister and I saw this meal a lot.  By the time I was an adult I was ready to ditch this recipe, for-ev-er.   
But, then one day my three went to spend the night as my mama and daddy's house and came back telling me about one of granny's best recipes and wouldn’t you know it would be beanie weenies, this time without the pork. Besides the fact that I would be perfectly happy never see pork and beans again, since my kiddos don't eat pork or beef I just assumed they would never eat this cherished dish.  But thanks to my mama I learned how to put this dish together turkey style.  I guess this meal is a winner, it’s quick, easy and the hubby loves it too.  It’s just that when this is on the menu, I ‘m having salad.




Servings: 2 grown people, 1 teen girl and 1 growing eight year old boy and 1 6 year old girl (Enough for dinner and leftovers to send with the kiddos for lunch)
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 15 mins



5 turkey dogs
2 tablespoons butter
28 oz. can veggie baked beans
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 cup brown (or white) rice



Melt butter in pan and cook turkey dogs until they are a bit scorched on the outside.
Turkey Beanie Weenies
Cut cooked turkey dogs. Add turkey dogs, vegetarian baked beans and brown sugar back into pan. 
Turkey Beanie Weenies
Cook until warm and serve!
Turkey Beanie Weenies


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