New Years family dessert

New Year’s Dessert!

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New Year's Dessert!

New Years family desserts

I am all about health.  We try to stay up on our fruits and veggies. I do my absolute best to provide home cooked meals. I limit Red 40 and the other dyes in food as much as possible for the children.  On the carnivorous food chain, chicken is as high as we go.  But when it comes to desserts I have a weakness.  Especially when it’s a special occasion. You can’t get any more special than New Year’s Day.  So today it’s ‘What’s for Dessert Wednesday’! Maybe you have one of these lovelies on your menu after the black-eyes peas and collard greens, or perhaps feel inspired for next year!

Ball Drop Cupcakes


Mini Sugar Cookie Pizzas


Sugar and Spice Pecans


Happy New Year!! 

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