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When Do You Know It’s Time for Some ‘Me Time’?

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When Do You Know It’s Time for Some ‘Me Time’?

When do you know that you’ve had enough? I am talking about a feeling you get similar to when you are exercising.  You know the point when you’re way past the warm up, breaking a sweat and the muscles in your knees feel like they are about to burn through your skin kind of had enough.  The routine of dealing with stress from work, maintaining a household (which includes the hubby) and the kiddo’s week after week, after week, after week without a break can give me the ‘I have had enough feeling’.  On really rough days I feel like I have lost my sanity somewhere around carpool and the umpteenth trip of the week to the grocery store.  Years ago I gladly accepted the fact that in mamahood you forfeit ‘me time’.  I understand that the commitment to be someone’s mama means to give until you drop.  Still, I am only human.  And though deep down I feel like its selfishly wrong, sometimes…I - Want - A - Break!
Sometimes I need a moment to complete a thought in my head.  To hear a sentence from the television that doesn’t sound like, “…And the US Supreme Court Justices voted today on what will be known as a historic decision to…- MOM CAN I GO OUTSIDE!!’  and then I end up yelling out to no one in particular ‘I missed that, what did they say? What DID THEY SAY?!!’  I really know a moment of ‘me time’ is needed when: 
I get mad because someone used a shower I just cleaned
I have thought to myself for the last five minutes "if I hear somebody say mama one more time…I’m gonna… "
I say, 'That's it! Everybody go to bed!' (and it’s still day time)
 In my mommy super dream world when I have ‘had enough’ without saying another word I get my pocketbook, go straight to the garage, get in my car and leave. I pull into the nearest nicest hotel (if I’m gonna run away I might as well do it in style) and get a room for the night where I order in (anything that's been fried, anything with bread, cheese and that comes with a sauce for dipping) and watch all the Teen Mom, Law and Order and duly noted must-see movies until my eyes give out.  But in reality when I get to the “I’ve had enough point’ I start a mental count in my head of how many days until the next possible sleepover invite by grandparents or aunties. 
When the kiddos were babies I hated to leave them.  And most days I still do.  However, any and every one needs a break from something.  I break allows me to re-set.  A few hours without telling somebody to stop yelling, share the remote and to stop running through the house is good for the soul.  That way after ‘me time’ I am refreshed.  My ears are ready for more stories about what they read or what happened at school.  My mouth is ready to answer why questions that are asked to the fifth power.  When I have ‘me time’ I am a better me and a better mama.
I guess when I think about it I suppose I do get in a little ‘me time’ each week.  My ‘me time’ awaits me right after the kiddos go to bed.  If you count from the time that I close my eyes at night, until the time I fall asleep…I’d say maybe 10-15 minutes - easy. Better than nothing I suppose.




What’s your favorite way to spend some ‘me time’?


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