Who Knew? Parenting Through the School Years Full of Learning Curves

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Who Knew? Parenting Through the School Years Full of Learning Curves


Have you ever underestimated a job? I have. Too many times to count, actually (mama, I know you’re smiling at this confession). One summer in particular, (motivated to sell our home by sprucing it up), I decided bright and early in the morning that I could paint a bedroom. All this being done, with a baby crawling around, in one day.  No problem.  How hard could it be to paint four walls while my then six year watched TV the six month old napped?
Well, I didn’t anticipate the time it would take to lay down and evenly align blue tape along my walls and door frame. I didn’t have a clue that there would be muscles I didn’t even know I would need to apply paint on one wall – evenly. I anticipated baby and juice refill interruptions, but didn’t realize until it was time to paint how much time it really takes to feed, change, rock and/or carry around a baby,  and change channels  all day.  I ended the day with two walls unevenly painted, two walls not touched and the beginning signs of what I believe to be carpal tunnel.  All I could do was meet my husband’s confused look when he walked through the door with, ‘Who Knew?” (of course he said he did).
There’s plenty of advice on what to expect when parenting through talking, potty training and walking. But much like labor pains or a love so deep for your child that defies rationality, no amount of advice can prepare you for parenting, or for what it takes to get a child from kindergarten to college.  Every parent and child’s journey is unique in some way. Even so, as a parent I must say, on one thing we can probably all agree – it’s not always pretty, but always worth it. So this week’s blog is a tribute to wonderfully, unexpected lessons I’ve learned about parenting through the school years.
Who Knew…?
  • Book bags, such an obvious needed item for school, could get sooo easily left behind… in the car, on the bus or worse, at home.
  • Getting kids ready, fed and out the door with matching shoes to school ON TIME in the morning takes about as much planning as one would use to organize the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.
  • After working for ‘the man’ all day one more seemingly simple, yet mountainous feat of finding items that start with the letter ‘O’ would stand between you and your bed.
  • Holding and using scissors, knowing the four seasons and months of the year before Kindergarten (or not) can be used as a way to gauge your parenting through school skills
  • That middle school (at least where I live) BEGINS at 7:25 AM!
  • Getting someone to write their name, within three small lines, could cause an all-out screaming, nose running , contemplating the meaning of life type tantrum
  • Choosing the school your child will attend should start…when you think about having children.
  • School’s offer Choice?
  • If you don’t attend Open House or Curriculum Night at school this translates to teachers as SLA-CK-ER parent.
  • Your child needs a portfolio 2 miles long to get into reputable programs/scholarships/college.
  • Renting your child a instrument requires not only money but a clean bill of healthy credit from Equifax (and the like)
  • You wouldn’t like all teachers.
  • All teachers will not like your child.
  • All the good intentions of healthy lunches will be thwarted by your child’s ability to find friends that offer to trade/share food you’ve deemed contraband in your house.
  • Carpool lines can be useful tools to develop patience
  • School bus stop routes times do not revolve around when the sun rises
  • After the first diorama assignment you’d become real familiar with your nearest Hobby Lobby

What have you learned about parenting through the school years?

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