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Why Homework Is Your Classroom “Fly on the Wall’

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Why Homework Is Your Classroom “Fly on the Wall

How do you check homework?  My parents checked homework religiously.  When I got the chance to stay by myself afterschool my parents tried to make sure I did my homework first by enforcing two rules:  no talking on the phone or  TV watching until homework was done.  Back then there was no call waiting.  If my parents called the house right after school and the line was busy I better be on the phone for homework help – or at least say that I was.  I thought I could get away with at least watching TV while I did my homework.  But one day my daddy came home early, touched the back of the TV, found it warm and realized that I had broken one of the homework cardinal rules.  Boy was he mad!  After that day there was never a question whether or not homework completion conditions were negotiable.  
A report released this month by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that, according to parents:
  • 96% of students in kindergarten through grade 12 did homework outside of school.
  • 86% had a place set aside for homework in their home
  • 67% had an adult in the household who checked that their homework was done
Most parents, regardless of educational background, feel that the amount of homework assigned is ‘about right’.
  • 81% less than high school
  • 78% high school graduate
  • 76% vocational/technical college
  • 78% Bachelor’s degree
  • 75% Graduate or professional school
Nowadays I check my kiddos homework just as religiously as my parents.  There are some who argue that homework should be done away with.  I say whoa there. Personally I like homework.  I use it for more than just making sure the kiddos fulfilled the teacher’s request.  Homework is my classroom ‘fly on the wall’.  I am not able to volunteer weekly.  If I could I would get a peek into the classes while I am cutting out letters for the teacher and find out firsthand what my child needs a little extra help with.  But I can’t.  So the only way I can really determine what my child may be learning and what they need help with is through their homework.  Which means that not only is homework non-negotiable but its also now now up for discussion!

So instead of just asking is homework done I also check to see:

  • Are all the problems completed or questions answered?
  • Are words spelled correctly?
  • Are all problems and questions correct?
  • If they can answer random questions on how they got that answer or why this is the correct answer

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